coldplay everglow aac itunes

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coldplay everglow aac itunes下载320k百度云网盘下载链接地址:coldplay新歌《everglow》收录在最新专辑《A Head Full Of Dreams》中。「Everglow」有Chris Martin前妻葛妮丝派特罗Gwyneth Paltrow献声的话题歌曲,虽然两人婚姻已画下句点,但两人曾经拥有的特别情谊也在这首浪漫的歌曲中留下足跡。

coldplay everglow aac itunes
coldplay everglow 歌词:We see people comingWe see people goThis particular diamondIs extra specialI know you might be goneAnd the world may not knowStill I see you celestialLike a lion you ranDown to zeroLike an eagle you circlePerfect of allSo how come things move onHow come cars don't slowWhen it feels likeThe end of the worldWhen I shouldBut I can't let you goBut when I'm cold coldWhen I'm cold coldThere's a light that you give meWhen I'm in shadowsIt's a feeling of ever everglowLike brothers in bloodThe sisters you writeWhen we stroll on that landWell be friends till we dieBut the changing of windsAnd the way waters flowLife is short as the fallingIn the snowAnd now I'm gonna miss youI knowWhen I'm cold coldYeah all alone the sunAnd I know that you're with meAnd the way you showWhen you're with me it's everglowBut you give me this feelingIt's everglowOh what I would give forJust a moment to knowYeah I live for this feelingIt's everglowSo if you love someoneYou should let them knowOh the light that you left me will everglow

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