Ready Or Not碟中谍5神秘国度主题曲mp3下载

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Ready Or Not碟中谍5神秘国度主题曲mp3下载:今年9月8日,系列最新作品《碟中谍5:神秘国度》即将在中国全面上映,而作为对经典的致敬和演绎,Fugees为这部电影创作了主题曲《Ready Or Not》,一起来欣赏一下劲爆的动作影视中的动感音乐吧。

Ready Or Not碟中谍5神秘国度主题曲mp3下载

Ready Or Not碟中谍5神秘国度主题曲歌词:Ready or not, Here I come, You can't hide  Gonna find you, and take it slowly  Ready or not, Here I come, You can't hide  Gonna find you, and make you want me  Verse One: Wyclef  Now that I escape sleep walk away  those who convolate knows the world they hate  Jails bars ain't golden gates  those who fake they brake when they meet they four hundred pound mate  if i could rule the world, everyone who have a gun  and together of course we'd get the up in our their horse  I kick a rhyme drinking moon shine  I poor sip on the concrete, for the deceased  but no don't weep, Wyclef in a state of sleep  thinking about the robbe-RY that I did last WEEK  Money in the bag, bank a look like a drag  I wanna play with pelicans from here to Bagdad

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