one direction infinity mp3 aac

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one direction infinity mp3 aac百度云网盘下载链接地址:one direction搭配专辑预购释出的抒情小品〈Infinity〉,拼上美国数位榜TOP9位置。2015年的3月26日,赞恩(Zayn Malik)无预警宣告退出1世代,其他四位成员交出第五张作品《Made In The A.M.》之后,将在2016年暂时休团,各组员单飞不解散的冲刺个人事业!
one direction infinity mp3 aac
one direction《infinity》歌词:Down to earthKeep on falling when I know it hurtsGoing faster than a million miles an hourTrying to catch my breathe someway somehowDown to earthIt's like I'm frozen but the world still turnsStuck in motion and the wheels keep spinning aroundMoving in reverse with no way outNow I'm one step closer to be two steps far from youWhen everybody wants youEverybody wants youHow many nights does it take to count the starsThat's the time it would take to fix my heartOh baby I was there for youAll I ever wanted was the truthYeah yeahHow many nights have you wished someone would stayLay awake only hoping they're okayI never counted all of mineIf I try I know it will feel like infinty infinity infinity infinityEyes can't shineUnless there's something burning bright behindSince you went away there's nothing left in lifeI feel myself running out of timeNow I'm one step closer to be two steps far from you

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